End of summer - a little time to relax

Wow, last day of September already! Time has flown by and things are going well here. Finished up one of my ongoing college courses, wrapped up a few work projects, finished up judging the Ardor3D Summer Event entries, got some new features up in Ardor3D and now taking a day or two off to decompress. Wheew!

(Aside: Did I ever mention how much I have always loved giving myself extra pressure? Extra AP courses in highschool, studying three different languages - none of which I speak fluently anymore - full time work and school at same time, extra roles/duties at church, kid's schools, open source communities, etc. What's that? Do I want more to do? Heck, why not!)

Ardor3D's Mobile Summer Event was a success for us at Ardor Labs, with three folks getting sponsorships. We had one participant (community member 'methius') finish his entry in time to receive his full sponsorship prize of $1,500 and it looks fantastic. You can see his final entry over at the Ardor3D forums. Also, read an interview with him done by one of our most active community members, 'paranoidray', posted on the Ardor3D news site.

Speaking of Ardor3D, recently added is the new UI widgets UITextField, UIPasswordField and UITextArea. Also included is a new text system that enables markup and styles. There's still several things to do on these for polishing, but I think it is a good first step. There's more about this on the wiki and forums. The new text widgets were sponsored mostly by a game company that prefers to run in silent mode currently, but I hope to be able to say nice things about them in the near future. :)

Also on the subject of sponsored items, coming soon in svn is the rewrite and revamp of Ardor3D's terrain system - work that was pushed forward at the request of teams at NASA Ames and JPL. Included in that rewrite is streaming clipmapped geometry and texture data, blended texture layers and several other niceties.

As a final note, I wanted to mention that we have been experimenting on an Eclipse based project we hope will prove useful to Ardor3D users as a whole. As part of that, expect to see our jars become more OSGi friendly in the near future. Enjoy!