Ardor3D Mobile Summer Event

For a while now we've been talking about an upcoming summer "contest" for the Ardor3D community, with details to come in May. Rikard and I thought long and hard on this. Our goals were to help our community members to learn new and useful skills, foster greater community participation, and of course generate more interest and attention for the technology. In the end, we decided rather than have a traditional contest, we would instead sponsor an event.

Therefore, Ardor Labs is proud to announce its own version of a "Summer of Code" for 2010. Our theme is the Android mobile platform, and launching with the contest will be an alpha release of the Ardor3D-Android binding!

You will have the chance to participate in groups to build the next killer 3D mobile app using Ardor3D on the Android platform. Your group and others will describe their summer ambitions and the judges (along with registered community members) will vote on the top 3 apps. To help things along, these final three teams will be paid for their efforts: $500 up front and $1,000 on successful completion of the project.

Sounds like a fun way to spend the summer doesn't it?

Feel free to start your brainstorming today. Full rules and details will be posted on the forums by June 5th - also the first day you can start submitting your Ardor3D mobile app ideas. The contest itself will officially start and end with Summer (in the Northern hemisphere).

Best of luck and see you on the forums!


Konethan said...

This sounds like an excellent idea!

fibric said...

great to here about that :-)