Animation under way

Among other work projects, I've been able to get into animation systems this week - and I feel comfortable promising that you will see a lot of progress for Ardor3D there over the next 2-3 months! :)

Since Petter (who wrote the stubs and code currently sitting in ardor3d-animations) has stepped away from us for a while due to family and job/commute pressures, I've decided to start fresh, using the knowledge and mistakes I made on the jME skin and bone system as a start and drawing some good inspiration from Jason Gregory's (Naughty Dog) book, Game Engine Architecture (highly recommended reading).

Also worth a big mention is that we're currently looking at a shift away from using JiBX to using JDOM for parsing Collada. While JiBX was getting the basic job done, it has been a pain in a number of areas, particularly the development process which helps no one. I like the tech, but probably not for something as massive and tangled as the Collada spec. JDOM will allow us to more easily ignore areas we don't support, as well as make development more simple (no class decoration step, etc.)

More on all of this as it develops.


obi said...

Sounds great!

jfelrod1960 said...

Have you looked at dom4j. I think the developers used to work on the JDOM project.

One thing is that it hasn't been changed since 2005. So the new version of JDOM may be better.

Renanse said...

Hmmm... a little too dusty for my liking. :) 4 years is a long time to go without a release, especially when they appear to have been working on a 2.0 at the time.

jfelrod1960 said...

I can't argue.

dontcare said...

Have you looked at vtd-xml? it is a lot faster and memory efficient than DOM4J and JDOM

cowwoc said...


I've used JDOM, DOM4J and XOM. None of them have really changed in years (JDOM's latest release doesn't really bring anything new) because they're all very stable mature products. I would personally recommend you take a second glance at DOM4J or XOM because they have far cleaner APIs than JDOM.