jMonkeyEngine releases point 11 release

jMonkeyEngine announced today that has released version 0.11 of its successful opensource Java gaming engine, adding many new and exciting features as well as improving performance and reliability.

Major new features and systems in this release include:
  • A Skin and Animatable Bone System enabling realistic representation of models and motion.

  • Support for importing files in the COLLADA format.

  • Support for using jME in a Java Applet.

  • New Importer and Exporter System giving a standard framework for loading and saving jME scenegraphs.

  • A Binary Format implementation for the new import/export system that is more compact and faster than standard Java serialization.

  • Support for rendering to Framebuffer Objects.

  • New Pass - Water, with configurable reflection, refraction, wave generation and more.

  • New Pass - Bloom, with configurable intensity, blurring, resolution and more.

  • Support for simple texture based dot3 bump mapping

  • New extension providing the ability to generate 3d meshes from text.

  • Control Binding Management

Bug fixes and enhancements in this release:
  • Upgraded jME's official binding to LWJGL 1.0

  • Improved rendering system tracking, reducing the number of jni calls to the underlying native bindings.

  • Optimized Collision system, specifically triangle collision and picking that is fast and several times more memory efficient.

  • New Sound System revamp (

  • New editor extension package (jmex.editor) providing editor widgets useful for building jME related tools in Swing.

  • Improved Particle System and Editor adding Particle layers, Particle Influences (with prebuilt wind, gravity, drag, vortex, swarm and wander influences) and more.

  • Enhanced Multi-threaded support including a system for queuing up and executing code in the rendering context thread.

  • Enhanced support for using jME inside of Swing/AWT

  • Many other bug fixes and memory/performance optimizations

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