jMonkeyEngine at JavaOne

JavaOne is going to feature an exciting new tradition this year, stepping into the shoes of the old Flying Dukes tradition. Instead of shooting real t-shirts into a real audience with various clever devices, virtual t-shirts will be shot from a virtual cannon. If you want a real t-shirt, you'll need to write a few lines of code to direct your avatar to the right spot to catch the shirt. Pretty easy really as you will get enough muzzle info to do a simple physics calculation to determine where the shirt will land. That said, if you do something really crazy, (say like having a mad max car race that ends in a crash expelling the driver who catches the t-shirt in mid air) you could win some really cool prizes worth a lot more than a t-shirt. See the contest site for more information.

Why am I talking about this? Sun has decided to use the jMonkeyEngine for the contest, which is quite exciting.

So if you are attending JavaOne, I'd urge you to check out the contest and make a submission. Show off those crazy coding skills. Oh, and if you want to have even more fun, come heckle me at the JavaOne session on Friday, May 11th where I'll be speaking for 10 minutes or so on the jMonkeyEngine and showing off some of the cool things being done with it.

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