And now, benchmarks YOU can run

I've been promising people I'd put together webstart and source versions of the Quake3 benchmark app for a while now. Finally this weekend the planets aligned, the stars crossed and I was able to make time.

First, a peek at the results I got on my test rig (P4 3.2Ghz WinXP box with a Radeon x850 XT platinum.) You'll notice I set up to test 3 apis, one in two different modes (xith in jogl mode and in lwjgl mode.) Unfortunately, xith in lwjgl mode did not run due to what looked like a thread programming error in the api (opengl being accessed outside the thread holding the opengl context), so that column remained empty. :-/

Here's the raw numbers as an open office file.

And here's a few charts for the visually inclined:

fps comparison chart
startup time comparison chart
memory (heap) comparison chart
memory (non-heap) comparison chart

Now, what you've been waiting for... A chance to run the benchmarks yourself. Sorry, I only packed them for windows (and speaking of being lazy, I used a pretty nifty tool called jnlp wrapper from Duck Creek Software to do it as well.) The source is also provided. In the case of the xith test, the source is part of their distribution, so I'm only including the main file (which I've altered slightly to spit out data in the same format as the other tests.)

EDIT: jME and Xith *should* now work on PPC Macs and x86 Linux as well and windows. Java3D will now work with x86 Linux as well.

  1. Java3d - (run) (src) (api homepage)

  2. jMonkeyEngine - (run) (src) (api homepage)

  3. Xith3D - (run) (src) (api homepage)

I suggest you have Java 1.5 or above (be aware that 1.5.0_07 has caused me issues.)



Matzon said...

got this when running jme test:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a file URL: jar:!/jnlp-wrapper.license

Renanse said...

Seems to work fine here at work. Is this error showing up in the initial jws or later on?

Renanse said...

Also, remember I only packed for windows and you need java 1.5.0 or above (preferrably _09 or later)

Matzon said...

Windows XP SP2:
Java Web Start 1.6.0-rc
Using JRE version 1.5.0_08 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
JNLP Wrapper started Mon Oct 23 19:33:00 CEST 2006
Arguments=[-java, -classpath, lib\jme-awt.jar;lib\jme.jar;lib\jME_Q3.jar;lib\lwjgl.jar, -classname, trb.jme.quake3.Q3FlightBenchmark]
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a file URL: jar:!/jnlp-wrapper.license
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Renanse said...

Replicated the specs you mentioned regarding XPSP2 and 1.5.0_08 java and it works fine. Perhaps it's the 1.6 jws? Are the other ones running for you?

Matzon said...

same error with all tests. Only have java 6 to test with :/

Renanse said...

Ok, well that's good to know at least. Sorry it doesn't work for you. :(

MrCoder said...

i get the same error with java6, works fine with all java 5 versions i've tried.
seems like that jnlpwrapper doesnt support java 6...ungood...

Renanse said...

nod, I'll turn off 6 support in the jnlp files for now.

POP said...

great now i can put my NVIDIA dual 1gig dvi to task!

herve said...

Almost 300 Fps for Very interesting !! And do you know what would be the frame rate for an equivalent OpenSource C++ engine ?

petteri said...
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